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  1. CHART Pavilion / "Drop of Green"

    CHART Architecture Competition
    Honorable Mention
    April 2017
    With Paul-Antoine Lucas

    Design of a temporary pavilion for CHART Art Fair and subject to an open-source design through the platform of SPACE10


    This project consists in the development of a pavilion illustrating the need for informal, self-sustained green areas within cities. One of the issues of big parks in cities is that they require maintenance and care, this 'urban station' would be an alternative to the implementation of parks in cities. Space in contemporary cities is becoming increasingly hard to find, the insertion of small 'park-like' structure like this one throughout the urban fabric would be a good way to bring greenery in densely built area.

    "Drop of Green" is a structure that contains fog harvesting mesh columns, allowing for the plants to be watered in any climatic context. The meshes of those columns capture humidity and fog, accelerate the fall of the water droplets towards the ground thanks to their closely knit webs. Moreover, those stations are not only meant for urban farming or bringing more greenery to cities, it is also a new form of social space. In fact, the platforms of the structures allow for people to climb on it and isolate themselves from the outside environment, meet or simply relax. The idea with those elevated platforms was to invite people in those green houses, the transparency of the material chosen for the pavilion is to emphasize the feeling of immersion in the green space, you become surrounded by the growing plants. The curtain facades enable the users to isolate themselves more from the surrounding environment, whereas the see-through meshes impose the permeability of the stations.

    We would want to create iterations of those structures according to different contexts or different uses with the development of systems adapted to various materials (for instance, the structure could be either in bamboo/metal or wood) or functions (flower greenhouses, urban farming, etc.). Another idea with the creation of an open-source design is to design different sizes for those station, a down-sized version of this pavilion could become a bus-stop or simply urban furniture.