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  1. "La Vague Pleyel"

    Master's Year 1
    October 2015 - January 2016
    With Delphine Lewandowski and Yasmine Berton
    Under the supervision of Mathieu Mercuriali (OMA)

    Inhabited bridge over the railroads in the northern Parisian suburban area of Pleyel/Saint-Denis


    "La Vague Pleyel" intends to reunite two neighborhoods separated by the railroads in Saint-Denis, a northern Parisian suburb. It wishes to bring together three different audiences: the inhabitants of Pleyel from the west, the workers from Stade de France to the east, and the visitors of the Grand Paris to be brought in thanks to the new metro station. The inhabited bridge has a great exposure to the south, and offers a unique view of Paris with the Sacré-Cœur and the Eiffel Tower in sight. Therefore, it will be home to a diverse program layered through its architecture. Indeed, the deck level is a public space serving as a connection between the park and playgrounds on the ground level, the swimming complex and open-air market place on the intermediary, and the resort complex on the upper levels. The bridge lies on a primary structure in reinforced concrete, while its buildings nest in radical geometric figures in prestressed concrete or in steel, which aim to give the project a strong visual identity as it is set to become a touristic attraction.