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  1. Light+Building 2016 Frankfurt / "Sheen and Shade"

    Master's Year 1
    February - March 2016
    Leading a team of 7 with Fie Paarup, Sally Rudkjøbing, Jesper Malm, Lena Vo Larsen, Nicole Holme and Augusta Malling
    Under the supervision of Susanne Eeg and Claus Asp

    Exhibition design (concept, making and installation) for The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts at the Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt


    The design of the exhibition booth revolves around the notions of simplicity and elegance – the core to Danish design; it plays indeed on contrasts between mat and glossy, rough and smooth, dark and light. The walls are painted in mat black; the black-carpeted floor is covered with transparent glass tiles to give it a delicately polished look. The freestanding pinewood structure is the central element, composed of one orthogonal frame and one diagonal; the two frames divide the space into different display devices. The structure is an assembly of 28 beams of section 10x10cm with visible screws. The luminaires are hanged on the wooden frames or placed on the floor. Simple furniture in black-painted oak and rough plywood combined with a glass information display panel.