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  1. Museum of Copenhagen / "Shadow is the Theme"

    Master's Year 1
    April - June 2016
    Under the supervision of Susanne Eeg
    In collaboration with JAC Studios and Fortheloveoflight

    Spatial and lighting arrangements for the grand staircase of the new Museum of Copenhagen


    The project offers a permanent spatial and lighting installation for the grand staircase –essential element of communication– of the new Museum of Copenhagen. The museum's storytelling is organized on the principle of the 'Horizontal and Vertical cities', where the latter correlates with the sense of verticality in the building to provide a poetic narrative of the city’s history: from the underground/archaeology to the top floor/vision of the future. My proposal seeks to improve the spatial and lighting qualities of the historical staircase in order to create there an engaging experience for the visitors: coherent with the wayfinding system yet unique as an exhibition piece itself.