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  1. Rungis Cow City / "Les Vaches Clandestines"

    Bachelor's Thesis
    February - June 2014
    With Estelle Desallais, Claire Forestier and Hadrien Krief
    Under the supervision of Gilles Delalex (Muoto)

    Industrial city centralizing bovine products in the Rungis Market to the South of Paris

    The 2013 meat adulteration in Europe raised lots of questions and rebounds on the reliability of the whole food commerce chain. This project then addresses the topic by proposing an industrial community within the Rungis National Interest Market in the southern suburb of Paris, where the traceability and quality of bovine products can be guaranteed. Furthermore, with concern for urban ecology’s issues, we intend to gather many programs and activities in one structure to reduce transportation costs. This also facilitates information analysis and administrative management between many links in the production and distribution chain. The complex consists of an abattoir, a tannery, a leather factory, a restaurant and sales pavilions. The eight-storey tower acts as a visual mark for the project and is home for its primary element: the abattoir. It provides materials for the rest of the chain through direct connections with a web of industrial and artisanal factories. The key architectural concept is the play on the ambivalence between interiors and exteriors. Indeed, the solid and understated external appearance intentionally conflicts with the transparence inside and between the buildings, while the eclectic use of materials provokes contrasting interior ambiances.