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  1. The F Lab Office & Workshop

    236C Lê Trọng Tấn, Khương Mai, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
    September 2017 - July 2018

    Interior renovations of a former residential/commercial ground floor (50m2) into offices and workshop space for The F Lab

    The address 236C Le Trong Tan is home for a four-member family since 2003, yet its ground floor has gone through major changes in its usage over time: from an entrance and garage for the family to the office for a pharmaceutical company to a golf equipment shop. It finally belonged to the family again in early 2018 when the daughter took over the space to turn it into an office and workshop for her company of event planning. The design approach focuses on improving the qualities of the current space (great ceiling height, great facade exposure) while stripping it down to its radical and functional core by taking away the unproductive, complicated decorations. The new space is destined to be simple, luminous, well-ventilated and flexible. Due to an extremely limited budget, the project avoids most heavy renovation works and maintains the spatial configuration as well as the main elements (e.g. the ironwood staircase) as they are. Both the kitchen on mezzanine and the living room under are simplified to allow for more air and less stuff. The double height room in front is now the main office space with possibilities for adaptation into a workshop for flower preparation as well as a classroom for flower arrangement courses. The facade opening is fully glazed; full height curtains allow the main space to be opened up or closed off according to uses. While all the furniture is self-assembled from cheap industrial materials or bought at reasonable prices, a real effort is made on redesigning the lighting system. The light fixtures are made of bended, highly reflective stainless steel. They combine two types of LEDs with different color temperatures: cooler lights upwards for a diffuse general lighting, and warmer lights downwards for a more pleasant direct lighting.